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An amazing girl, whose name deserves more than just 6 definitions on UrbanDictionary.com. She uses glasses, but it doesn't matter if she is wearing them or if she is using contacts because she is beautiful either way. She is very shy at first, but once you share a laugh or cotton candy you two will become best friends. She has a smile that makes all others smile and she has a laugh that makes all other laugh. She cares about everyone and tries to be the best friend she can be by often giving gifts. It is hard not to like Giselle after meeting her because she is just everything you could possibly want in a girlfriend, however she is in a relationship with someone else. Her eyes are big and bright and they pierce into your soul and make you cookies. She is wonderful and there is no girl more perfect to have as a girlfriend. She often receives toothbrushes for Christmas but does not know why people give them to her. Well, near perfect anyways. She likes to be called "babe".
Christian: Hey you know Giselle?
Kevin: Yeah, she is my girlfriend.
Christian: You are lucky

Kevin: Yeah she is the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.
by kturtle51 September 09, 2012

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