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Sort of like a rebound gf or bf, but used only with friends. If one friend is pissed at you then you go see another (even though you might not want to) because you aren't gay enough to be seen without someone else, then he/she is your rebound friend
PissedGirl: I'm pissed at you, eff off!
Friend: *walks around for a while then decides to see another friend because she looks like a retard walking around alone*
ReboundFriend: Hi, what are you doing here
Friend: She's pissed at me so I came to see you
ReboundFriend: What, so I'm your rebound friend?
by krystal_kiss February 16, 2006
Another much better way of saying "if". Note: Doesn't mean "if in"
Guy: Iffen you want some drugs come to my house
by krystal_kiss February 16, 2006
Same meaning as "dunno", which comes from "don't know", except it's shorter and easier to type when IMing
Guy: what time is the party at josh's house?
Girl: i unno, go ask stephanie
by krystal_kiss February 16, 2006
gross stuff you find in your ear
Girl A: ewww that guy has murt in his ear
Girl B: murt isnt a word, you retard
Girl A: .. yes it is
by krystal_kiss February 16, 2006

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