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2 definitions by kruptor

Fuckaway: to plan a getaway, mini vacation where the soul purpose is to spend as much time as humanly possible fucking and enjoying each others pleasures and passions. You stop only for beverages, snacks and to change positions or locations.
Went to the cottage for a fuckaway last week, we fucked for two days straight, every room, the picnic table, the dock, and the lawn were violated!
by kruptor June 13, 2013
3 0
To fuck your bitch from behind while snuggling, slow, long, deep grinding strokes while one free hand reaches around the front gently caressing her pearl to orgasm as you simultaneously unload deep inside her honey pot
I slid into bed with a stiff hard cock and began to fuggle. We fuggled for hours tangled up in pure pleasure and passion before collapsing exhausted and covered in sweat
by Kruptor June 12, 2013
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