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typically a white male who's really into partying, whether they do it or not. they usually wear sunglasses such as aviators and wear hats or visors with the lid flipped up. they use hair gel and love to wear polos and rugby shirts and love to drive around with a car full of loud people and loud music. although i don't have a problem with them, many can be very obnoxious because theyre so loud. they love smoking, drinking, weed, and girls. they usually have stupid competitions with their friends, like who will pay them 50 dollars if they eat the skin of an orange haha
a lot of guys in fraternities are bros, but not all
You can tell that guy screaming "CHUG CHUG CHUG" is a bro with his rugby shirt, his lacoste hat, and his plastic red cup.
by kristyyyyyy January 27, 2008
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