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A term coined by fangirls to describe the yaoi pairing of the Kingdom Hearts II characters, Axel and Roxas. Many accept it as canon(Based on lines such as,"(Roxas) made me feel like I had a heart"), however, many others say that the Axel-Roxas relationship is more of good friends or brothers.

The name is derived from the Japanese names for Axel and Roxas, AKUseru and ROKUsasu, respectively.
"What is your favorite KH ship?
"Definitly AkuRoku. Axel and Roxas are so cute together!"
by kristinIZZLE April 29, 2007
obnoy v. Something that is obnoxious to the extent that it is annoying.

can also be obnoyed, obnoying etc.
Stop being so obnoying! I need to concentrate on my school work.

That siren will obnoy a lot of people.
by kristinIZZLE April 29, 2007

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