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A person who is mature enough to speak inoffensively even when abused. He is capable of telling harsh truths and abuse back without actually using offensive words.

A Euphemist is the coolest guy there is amongst adversities.

A Euphemist, when consistent, goes a long way in life & succeed in commanding people and being popular.

Also, a Euphemist is subtle in his ways & everyone cannot understand him.
"I just tried abusing a euphemist. The guy talks so much sense that I had to apologize to him"

"Damn that euphemist. Its impossible to win over him."
by krishkr September 18, 2010
IML : Noun

Imaginary Money Loss
The feeling of money being lost even if it didnt actually happen. It makes U sad even if U know it is stupid and unreasonable.

Usually happens due to carelessness, but the loss of memory is not involved.
IML is not a disease and it can only be confirmed by the person who had IML, else it is just a mistake.
Guy is late for work. He keeps two currencies which looked alike to him in his wallet.

For lunch he takes them out to pay. Sees that both the notes are different actually. The total amount is lesser than he had thought. He is sure that nobody even touched his wallet before; but, he feels like he has lesser money than before.

His girlfriend asks him why he is sad. He replies "Oh, nothing. I just had an IML today".
by krishkr September 08, 2010

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