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43rd president of the USA... since coming to office he has brought the world into a steady decline. Through his stupid and wasteful wars, his selfish foreign policies, his selfish DOMESTIC policies, and his somewhat-entertaining mis-useage of the English language, he will no doubt be remembered as the single WORST leader this world has ever seen. This guy is an embarrasement to himself and to his country. What's more embarrassing is the fact that people actually voted for him in 2000. More startling is the fact that they voted for him again in 2004!
sometime in the year 2100:

-hey remember that guy Nixon?
-yea i remember him... he was the worst president we ever had
-nah nah man the one guy George W. Bush. HE was the worst president/leader we have ever seen in the world... worse than Castro, Hitler, etc...
by kris1490 August 15, 2006
one of the best cities in the western hemisphere... seriously its full of immigrants and people from all over... Hispanics, whites, blacks, arabs, asian, the whole deal. georgetown south and the occasional trailer park are places that uptight white folk might want to stay away from though...
"hey we're thinking of going to DC for the summer want to come?"
"naah man manassas is where all the good stuff is happening"
"oh good idea let's go to manassas"
by kris1490 August 14, 2006

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