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to be full of joy, delight
Friend: Did you frolic all the way here?
Girl: Yes! I love to frolic in the field of daisys.
by krimson513 January 11, 2011
-- Prophetic excitement.

-- Speaking of future events that are expected to be of great excitement.
Listening to Texans speak of winter in the south:

Farmer: "howdy partner! i reckon' this weather is mighty chilly for these parts. i may take the little woman and move to mexico."
Partner: "I agree, this weather is horrible. I have to disagree about Mexico though. Don't you know that there is gang wars and abductions of u.s citizens. "
Wifey: "I'm with you!! And as far as getting abducted in Mexico...at least there would be some excitedment!! lol ;)"
by krimson513 January 21, 2011
Someone who is both fun to be around and attractive. frolic + delicious = frolicious
The singer of that band is frolicious!
by krimson513 January 11, 2011
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