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(always pronounced with a rolled 'r')

1. Saurkraut, or more generally, any sort of food.
2. A rum and diet coke, or, more generally, any sort of alcoholic beverage.
3. A self-defeatist, or an insecure person, but more generally, any sort of person.
4. Breast, or, more generally, any body part.
5. Exclamation.
I was eating some krewt, drinking my krewt, when this krewt walked up to me and felt up my krewt. I was like "What the krewt?"
#kraut #head #bling #crap #ass #cock #asspuss #pussass #peachcotch #peachkrewt #meenie #mona #ramona
by krewt March 04, 2007
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