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1. The opposite of fa sho. 2. An ugly girl that if she was pretty would be referred to as a fa sho but since ugly would be called a fa no. 3. A wack situation. 4. A response you give when someone gives you a response that does not please you.
1. "Dog, peep that skeez, she's a straight up fa no nigga!" 2."Homie that party was a fa no, it was wack as fuck." 3. Mikey says, "Dog you got my money?" Joe replies, "Na I'll have it by next week though." Mikey responds, "Fa no bitch! You got 24 hours before i cut off both your index fingures and thumbs. You got me?"
by kraze2010 December 24, 2008
a small grin an emo gets while seeing another person in a great deal of emotional or physical pain which they find extremely funny but cannot laugh because laughing is very un-emo, so they settle with a small grin.
someone falls and breaks their arm before a very important event that involves them using that arm. An emo would see this and develop a smirk. (emo grin)
by kRAze2010 December 23, 2008
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