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A bumbling idiot
Haha, what a begurgis
by Kraut May 30, 2004
in reference to the "shirmp smackdown" or "samurai shimp smackdown." The act of giving the shrimp smackdown on a regular basis. Similar to just pimpin.
"yeah, you know i'm just shrimpin it."
"Just shrimpin 24/7." "You know that Ted is just shrimpin it all the time." "Just shrimpin, you know. Gotta keep dem hos in line."
by Kraut April 04, 2005
Similar to a shrimp smackdown, but executed with such stealth and robs the girl of any honor or respect. A really hard hitting shrimp smackdown.
(see "shrimp smackdown")
"I stunned that bitch when I gave her the samurai shrimp smackdown." "She felt like a slut after I gave her the samurai shimp smackdown."
by Kraut April 04, 2005
Second in command of Kirtar Larrio's Kampung Kr3w. He doesn't have an email because his mom took away his computer.
d1S B3 M4H H0ZA110000 DP0K LA~~~?
by Kraut June 29, 2004
The greatest hacker the world has ever known. Leader of the Kampung Kr3w. The Terror of Kuala Lumpur.
Kirtar Larrio is a legend on #webchat
by Kraut June 29, 2004
An insult. Slang term for calling someone a jew. Also spelled Joobee, joobe, jewbe, jubee.
"You fuckin jube." "what's up jube?"
"Quit being such a jube."
by Kraut April 04, 2005
1. The sound of an indignant slamming of a telephone handset onto its cradle
2. The sound of a large-headed frenchmen plummeting of a bed in a alcohol-induced stupor
1 *künk* Aaahh F&$^! I fell out of bed guys, f*@#
2. Yes i have a reservation under K. Üüüüüüünk!
by Kraut May 31, 2004

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