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1. That bitch with the bad voice
2. The newest Disney puppet
3. The only musician to create a career around an alter-ego
4. That random bitch your/my little sister has like 152 barbies of, a bad video game, and the only CD's she owns.
1. -ARGHHH what the fuck is that noise?
- No need to call the humane society, its just Miley Cyrus
2. -Thanks for the check Walt!
-Ok, but your show went down .5%, we're replacing you with a crappy boyband of gay brothers. (see Jonas Brothers)
3. why is she now blond? with a bad accent? is this the same show?
4. -And this is my Hannah goes to miami, and this is Miley in west palm, does this scarf go with this skirt?
by Kornholio123456789 January 19, 2009
When you have anal sex until the anus becomes wider and you shit in the now large hole.
After 5 minutes i turned around for a good Manhatten Transfer
by kornholio123456789 January 17, 2009
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