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All young male drivers experience the herb - harmless kerb, and no this is not driving high. It's a near incident of sliding your car out and tapping a kerb or even smashing it, yet nothing happens to your car.

Of course if you dont learn from mistakes the harmFUL kerb shall occur - resulting in major damage.

This is often covered up by explaining to your father that a creature of some sort or child jumped in front of the road, to save your embarrassment and grounding.
You cannot ..i repeat you cannot blame your tire treds for either herbs - harmless kerb or harmful kerbs. Its your own stupidity !! :) smiley face in italics.
by kooni October 10, 2007
A muslim... yuk.

The Arab version of Muzza (wog).
did you see that walking tent holding hands with walking parachute ?

omg muzzo ppl cannot touch skins !!! WTFz :|
by kooni October 08, 2007
A describing word for chernobyl affected victims who brainwash themselves into thinking they are Slovakian, otherwise known as Merko's.

They glow with radioactivity and nuclear waste residue which is obvious by observing their dark skin colour.

These creatures live in a ghetto habitat where they mainly feed off domino's and polish sausages.
"DUUUUDE did u see that freakazoid monster??"

"yeh man he looked like some sort of polak huh ?"
by kooni August 02, 2007
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