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- a loquacious pundit turned talking head that details how inevitable the event was after the event occurs, usually with hindsight bias.

- retroactive forecaster
The collapse of Lehman Brothers brought out the Trailing Experts and their told-you-so punditry.

Cable networks fill their voids with Trailing Experts seemingly spawned by the woodwork as after-the-fact Cassandras.
by koolmeme January 27, 2010
- An arrogantly righteous yet pretentiously sincere statement or phrase.

- A statement or phrase that sounds like something Bono said or would say.

Origin: combination of 'Bono' and 'onomatopoeia'.
1) A Bob Geldof bonomatopoeia is "It's really very simple, Governor. When people are hungry they die".

2) An Simpsons-originated bonomatopoeia (from Bono no less) is "Hold on! He's talking about waste management and that affects the whole damn planet."
by koolmeme January 19, 2010
When an entity (can be an organism or a society or a ...) starts exhibiting behavior wholly enabled by excess that simultaneously reduces the level of (what one might call) progressive entropy available to the entity then that entity is doomed to failure.

A behavioral detractor that causes an species to devolve, creating a feedback loop of degradation and thus inevitable extinction.
That the Zeitgeist is defined more by the pending release of a white iPhone than mass starvation in Somalia is an example of extinction level idiocy on a societal level.

The high incumbency rate for members of Congress reflects an alarming level of extinction level idiocy present in the general electorate.
by koolmeme September 22, 2011
- a tubular take on imminent armageddon or other similarly framed sea change eventuality

- a preemptive embrace-the-horror view of the apocalypse as an anticipatory coping mechanism

origin: combination of 'foreboding', 'bold' and 'audacious'.
1) His forebodacious act of haruspicy portends a post-civilization era that almost sounds refreshing.

2) The movie 'Zombieland' offers a most forebodacious variation on the zombie genre.
by koolmeme February 09, 2010
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