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2 definitions by koolkat75

Term used for any human being with red hair...
It refers to the belief that gingers have no soul and worship the devil. Also, the fact that they do nothing but cause pain and evil on others.
Johnny: Chris, what are you doing over there?
Chris: Oh nothing just some satanic chants... My deadline is tomorrow; I have to eat the souls of at least 12 people.
Johnny: You fucking devil worshiper!
by koolkat75 November 22, 2012
Most may think a candlestick refers rod of wax with a wick in the middle. When lit it produces light and small amounts of heat and wax melts everywhere. After years of researching the origins of this sacred word, it has been found that it has a much different meaning. It is still a noun but now refers to the head of a red-headed person (ginger). It is a comparison of the red hair to a candle and how the red hair resembles fire. Others have researched the word even further back into the word's roots to satanic devil worshipers: they found that it goes further beyond a comparison. It is believed that the absent soul of a ginger is stuck in another realm and actually has real fire as hair.
Johnny: Man my hands are cold.
Chris: You're such a baby.
Johnny: Hah, that's funny because you're never cold with your fire hair you fucking candlestick! Let me warm up around the bonfire on your head.
by koolkat75 November 22, 2012