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The feeling one comes to terms with when first waking from sleep and realizing that he or she does not want to go to work even though the person is physically and mentally able and has the ways and means to work. Most common in service oriented jobs (i.e. fast food, parcel delivery, help center, ect.)
John felt sotty when he woke because he did not want endure another day of his manager’s conduct. John’s boss was a Closet Nazi.
by kool420deathstar December 06, 2005
A paper or electronic request for service. An easy way to make someone else do a task that another person ether can’t do or is not willing to do themselves. A way to proclaim a individual’s false superiority over an intelligent individual without actually meeting with that individual. A professional manner in which to fix something an individual has broken by proxy. A dark stain on an otherwise bright day.
"If it was not for this Work Order I would not have the chance to serve those who could afford a better education than myself"
by kool420deathstar January 24, 2005
A term used by potters(clay artists) to describe to process of making pottery with the use of a pottery wheel or throwing wheel.
1)The main focus of a university ceramics class is throwing pots.

2)Throwing a pot is quite relaxing after a day of tech work.
by kool420deathstar May 02, 2005
Is the concept of specialized celebration. A person would celeurbate alone, in a singular manner, celebrating through the exercise of Masturbation. Many people find this a hard concept to grasp, as to them the act of masturbation is in and of itself, an act of celebration. This is not the case. Masturbation is simply the act of having sex without the benefit of a partner, although the is still being debated, this is the accepted definition. Likewise usually, under normal conditions masturbation is not an accepted tactic used in celebration; in principle and technically speaking masturbation and celebration are two separate practices , the combination of the two are in and of itself a strictly separate action.
Kenny: “Hey Dave”

Dave: “Hey Kenny”

Kenny: “Dave…why do you look so happy?”

Dave: “Well…Kenny, you know how I like to go park behind Loaf N’ Jug, on my lunch break and sketch or draw on a canvas?”

Kenny: “Yes…”

Dave: “ Well…today before I got down to sketching on a new canvas I went into Loaf N’ Jug and bought a lottery ticket. The ticket was a $500 winner! I was so happy that I decided to Celeurbate!”

Kenny: “Cool!!!, wait…what!?!, you sick fucker!”
by kool420deathstar May 03, 2009

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