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Cum, a slang word for sperm, is the clear liquid that men squirt after they reach the peak of pleasure. It contains babies. It can destroy lives if not carefully used.
Oh my dear sweet god, I came in her before I pulled out. (shoot in face)
by Kool aid April 05, 2005
When many men gather round a slut (see: cum junky) and proceed to jack thei meaty hogs until they splooge their mighty man cream into their every orifice.
Suzy was excited about the forthcoming cum bonanza, cum goggles ready and all
by Kool aid April 04, 2005
MTV, also known as Music Television, is nothing more than an organization which supports popular culture. Also a liberal machine, MTV supports anything that "goes against the man". Many young people live their lives by the gospel of MTV.
MTV is a fucking regime.
by Kool aid April 11, 2005
The act of reaming a woman's asshole (preferably containing remnants of shit or even better a full on meat cigar), and then proceeding to pull out and blast a steam load onto her face or body. If chances happen right, some of the shit chunks may have become lodged in your piss hole or inside the shaft, thereby creating a delectable concoction of feces/cum mixture. Also known as the rare Chocolate Cheesecake. The occuring blast can be enjoyed straight out of the cock or mixed with ice and subtle fruit flavors for a tasty cocktail cum drink that will satisfy cum and shit drinkers alike. Salud!
Chocolate Cheesecake is a rare sexual occurence. Mary was quite the lucky girl, having forgotten to wipe her ass. She was certain to get an elegant cum treat.
by Kool aid April 04, 2005
Two things put into one catagory.
My shoulder and foot hurt...

Bofem hurt.
by Kool Aid April 22, 2003
A turd that is large enough in length and/or width to tear the skin of your ass hole. Bleeding may occur, however it is usually not profuse. After you have experienced a Rim Rocker, the inner fibers of your ass may feel like they are dangling helplessly and may take hours to repair itself.
"Good God Henry," said I, "that steaming brick of meat that you planted into our lavatory is comparable to the Great Wall of China." But it was too late, Harry had died from blood loss.
by Kool aid April 11, 2005
Slut's mouth, which is nothing more than an outlet for men to plug their cum rods into.
I was eager to tap into the network, to plug her hog hole if you will.
by Kool aid April 04, 2005
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