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the advice given from one man to another on a topic of only masculine siginificance
Tom: Should I hit on Sarah or Michelle tonight?

Paul: Definately Michelle mate

Tom: Cheers Paul - that's some good manvice
by konando August 26, 2008
A fridge that by day keeps your food and drinks cold, but when used for a party seems to take the occasional beer without asking throughout the night.
Jonny: "hey dude - am just gonna stick by 20 pack of bud in your fridge"

Kevin: "yeah, no worries"

Jonny: "right, who's had my beers? i've had four and there's only six left"

Kevin: "oh yeah - didn't i mention...it's a party fridge"

Jonny: "dam party fridge!!"
by konando April 22, 2007

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