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The runt of the litter.
The smallest piglet.
Any small, twiggy or fragile creature.
These pure-bred dalmation pups will all sell for at least a hundred bucks, except for the saivar. That one I'll give you for free.
by komaresh July 25, 2004
The act of punching the ass three times while you are engaged in doggy style vaginal sex, and then transfering from vaginal to anal sex, using the third punch to disguise the transfer of the penis to the anus. A great way to initiate anal sex for the first time.
She wouldn't let me bang her in the ass, so I used the triple tap transfer and did it anyways
by komaresh July 25, 2004
To tell someone you will be at a certain place at a certain time, but not be there for some time later, leaving the aforementioned person to sit and wait.
I told Steve I'd pick him up at the bus stop at 3. Its already 4, I really douged him.
by komaresh July 26, 2004

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