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n ~ a person latently possessing potently sharp skills & tactics that send shockwaves through asphalt paved blocks & knocks socks off some skeptics so savagely they soil themselves silly
Falk's Columbo was a stoogeni posterboypoza who claimed fame & fortune from flocks of fans known for freakish flexibility & solofellatio festivals that thrived until bellend ebola plagues left scattered few with working purple helmets; but innovations like the bionischlong cyberphallus made billions for Evogimasturgination Inc., now the second largest producer of fauxvag accessories behind Waffleho & Krak Haus, where sex & syrup are always in dysymbiosistopia, mzastamyth prior to the shaggysacenterfusion scientificosmetic revosolution Scrotology, or Scrotozoic Era when evotestifusionlution catalyzed dominormant genergy that magilogically manifested metamorphosynthesynchronicity, bicyclopticization, hydradongism, & mitosistitzia, divarrheaho bozolitis, gigantigargantuantestesism,deadbell deathknellustia platinumuff hairpipsypenichosis syndrome, bronsonstonz tbagzuffochokaholism, cornhole corpzopulation shitfuklerfaceholastic comapsychosymbioshitzasterelia; & shitstainbrain syndrome skyrocketed . .
by koinzander vandervongristler March 25, 2010

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