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6 definitions by knut

the capital of the trønder people. old and small town. BØRGE BRENDE comes from trondheim (I think..?)
when you`re in trondheim, you have to dring e.c.dahls beer!
æ e TRONDHEIMert æ, å hærregud så tøff æ e!
by knut January 25, 2005
n. - one who is bad. The name is derived from that of the cephalopod, which looks as though it would be a poor kisser. The slimy, moist, decidedly unsolid appearance of the creature also no doubt contribute to the use of its name this context.
That guy Emily hooked up with last night was a total cuttlefish, always ramming his tongue down her throat. gross.
by knut September 26, 2004
kjell magne bondevik is a KRF-medlem who need to be deleted from norway`s prieminister-shear!!
by knut January 26, 2005
if you are TRØNDER, you have to eat smalahovu. and here are the way to make it:
-find a sheep (go to oslo and in to the government-building called stortinget, there are a lot of sheeps)
-cut the head off, and use the wool to make "selbuvotter". the meat do you use to make "fårrikål"
-burn the head
-put it in HOT water
- pill out the eyes, and enjoy the smalahovu

NB! use the eyes to stick it up in your asshole. its good!
mmm! burned sheep-head!
by knut January 25, 2005
KJELL MAGNE BONDEVIK - one of the norwegian bastards. but he`s not the only one in the government:
KRISTIN CLEMET - a bad, bad voman who makes national-tests just for having fun and torturing the 6. and 10. grade students who not can make a good enough result!
KRISTIN KROHN DEVOLD - the pig who rouind the norwegian army (the whole government is animals exept BØRGE BRENDE because he is TRØNDER)
let hount at pigs!!!
by knut January 25, 2005
a wery cool type of norwegians! they live in the middle of the country, around the town TRONDHEIM.
they like to eat SMALAHOVU and drink beer from E.C.DAHLS.
DDE is a trønder-band
oh, mommy! look! a trønder!

by knut January 25, 2005