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Chicago. Home of my heart. Misdefined by many on this site. Home of Buddy Guy and his own venue. Best pizza and hot dog in usa. Mickey's on Manheim is the best fry and dog combo. Deep dish is amazing but a whole nother beast. Traditional pizza is better than any I had in New york. I've been to a majority of americas big cities and chicago has blown all others out of the water. I didn't feel the pride in new york, houston, miami, san diego, auston, new orleans, milwaukee, ect, that I felt walking the steets of chicago. Only city to carry on lallapallooza. Largest free music fest. Blues fest that is. Bring beer, a grill, food, and listen to blues greats in grant park surrounded by the most beautiful skyline, for free! And nothing beets the railsystem. You can get from any greater chicago suburb to anywhere in the city easy and cheap. And if your smart like most people there are, pretty much anywhere you go is safe. And lovely.
What city is has such wonderful food, culture, architecture, art, and the sexiest skyline that you want to sleep with it?
Answer: chicago!!
by knower of stuff March 18, 2010

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