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3 definitions by knot chris

Unlike the standard crump, Country Crump is a dance native only to the North East – especially upstate New York. Commonly performed at parties, the Country Crump is the art of standing vertical and slow stepping with one’s feet, to the rhythm, while swinging one’s hands. One should note that while swinging one’s hands, the shoulders and elbows should remain perfectly still, allowing the arms not to move, making the wrist swinging more pronounced. Commonly, the Country Crumper will do this move with a blank face.
When Chris did the Country Crump all of the girls laughed and pointed.
by knot chris October 17, 2011
the act of remembering what one did while being drunk, usually the next day.
Chadwick was sitting on the couch and began to laugh. “Dude, what’s so funny?” “Nothing, I just had a hilarious drunkback.”
by knot chris November 13, 2011
verb – the act of vomiting in the toilet whilst grabbing the toilet seat as if the seat were a pair of horns on a bull. This act usually takes place in a public restroom where the seats are best suited for the act (closed ringed seats to not work for Riding the Bull).
OMG, that girl is SO Riding the Bull in the bathroom – I can hear her three stalls over.”
by knot chris November 26, 2011