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Commonly reffered to as the "philly", it occurs when you make someone think or do something that is not related to your focused goal. Essentially, it is the same as a Kansas City Shuffle, except the word itself is a lot easier and less awkward to use in casual conversation. The young adults of Inwood are constantly getting the philly, and they don't even care.
We gave that bitch the philly.

They got the philly, real quick. We made out with all the nice shit from that party.

I gave em the philly and won a nintendo wii!

Matt got the philadelphia fake out when arex said she was pregnant. She can't even have kids!
by knightmare01 November 16, 2009
He was a great east coast counter-strike 1.6 player. Made most of the players in the complexity skill movies look like shit. He was in CALi with missedme, CALm with countless teams but the bigger ones were limitless, powersofpain, and swi. He was frequently disputed for aimbotting and wallhacking, because his level of precision and speed was unbelievable.
knightmare01; a god among lesser gods of the game.
by knightmare01 April 28, 2009

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