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2 definitions by kminipi

Repressive, apathetic, does not care enough, brain dead, has no pulse, unlively, passive or passive aggressive, not caring enough, slow paced, follower mind set, compatable, middle american, lack of passion, lack of drive, bland, boring, white bread american.
laid back is another way to describe a culture, community or a person that tends to be repressive, apathetic, passive, submissive, slow, lack of passion or drive, and or lacks guts!
by kminipi October 27, 2007
Follower, not a mover and a shaker, compatable, submissive, not independent, Monkey see monkey do, agreeable, people pleaser, Employeers love this!
A team player often is someone who does not want to stand out in a crowd or group, who is not a leader type, therefore is of a follower mindset. Who would rather not stand his ground even though he knows he may be right. He therefore blends. He also usually lacks the guts to take a risk to effect change. In other words just the opposite of great men like Martin Luther King, who was a true leader. This man had the guts no "team player" would have!
by kminipi October 27, 2007