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An inexpensive, bowel shaking vodka that one could purchase from shoddy bodegas in several "outer boroughs" of NYC from roughly 2002 to 2007. It had little to no flavor and would cause the following: mental numbness, giddiness, family disunion, long term unemployment, STDs (various), debauchery, uncontrollable gagging, sore throat, evil-smelling flatulence, night sweats, day drinking, hives, allergic shock, stillbirth, larceny and bell's palsy.
Oh no! I forgot that the party tonight was BYOB. I don't want to spend too much, I don't want to carry a 12 pack of beer, and I want to get drunk real fast. I know, I'll pick up a large plastic 5 liter bottle of Leeds Vodka!
by Kmann October 30, 2014
a chorby is usually a paper towel roll or a coke bottle/can, packed with dryer sheets in order to change the smell of the smoke blown through it. Apparently the name originated in Kentucky.
Dude, the RA lives right next door! USE THE FUCKING CHORBY!
by kmann February 08, 2005

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