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Photos taken on a cameraphone. Often of lary nights out in kebab stores, of people committing lewd acts, or hot women in the street.
"Ahhh see... Right see the thing that's got it all f*cked up now is camera-phones.
How the hell am I supposed to be able to do a line in front of complete strangers, when I know they've
all got cameras?"

Last nights' phonetography highlighted the fact that the "hottie" mike was with was actually a mingrat
by klokwerx March 26, 2008
One who spouts the sayings of the sex pistols and other anarchic supporters whilst prostituting themselves to corporate capitalism by wearing clothes like Abercrombie.
guy wearing abercrombie shirt: "Down with government!"
random on the street: "Don't you work at my bank?"
guy wearing abercrombie shirt: "Fuck you"
random on the street: fuckin abercrombie anarchist
by klokwerx January 22, 2008

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