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2 definitions by kittykittylicklick

A person who noone likes in a group of friends. Related to the word papaya because no one likes papayas. They aren't hated, but everybody picks on them for every little thing.
Example one:
-"Dude, I really think that carl is the Mpapanya in our group. I think he should go back to ice fishing"

-"Yeah, all he talks about is dragons and cowboy hats."

Example two:
-"Ohhhh yeah! I love to speak in a southern accent."
-"Knut, shut up, you dumb mpapanya."
by kittykittylicklick October 20, 2009
an obscene word that you said with too much cock in your mouth
fluk you!
by kittykittylicklick October 21, 2009