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a awesome anime series that is about 2 brothers edward and alphonse elric and the adventures the go on.

after their father ran off cuz of his over aged body their mother becomes ill and dies. then the 2 brothers try 2 bring their mom back. but the transmutation failed, eds leg and als body were took 2 the other side of the gate. ed used his arm for material and transmuted his brothers soul to a suit of armor.

ed gets automail arm and leg from his childhood friend winry and becomes a state alchemist. (fullmetal) with a smartass colonel, roy mustang who gives him missions to help find the philosophers stone. the brothers believe the stone will fix their bodys but little do they know wat the last ingredient is 2 make it and who mostly created and has the true incomplete stone.

when the humunculi capture the stone (yes capture) and use al, ed gets killed and al brings him back but with equivulant exchange al dies and ed comes back but ed say oh hell no and transmuts himself and al comes back with his normal flesh and bone human body and no memorys between when they tryed to bring their mom back and now.

after that the movie al still looks for ed and ed trys 2 get back to his world out of germany where hes striped of his alchemy abilitys and a woman trys to destroy eds world with alphons hedrichs help and he didnt know that she was going 2 try 2 destroy eds world but he makes a rocket powered plane and sends ed through the open gate and ed and al (eds brother) destroy the woman. ed returns to germany leaving al behind to destroy the gate from that side. but al climbed on the eds plane at the mast min and stays with ed 2 help him destroy the gate in germany leaving roy 2 deal with the gate in the other world.
DUDES ED AND AL ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fullmetal alchemist is best movie/series ever!!!
by kittenlolz June 16, 2009
markers that are usually washable and smells like cherrys oranges lime and usually the black one smells like ass
SMELLY MARKERS!!! give me the black one *sniff* wat is that?!?

hey look a marker that says "sented" but from where???
by kittenlolz June 10, 2009

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