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A person who eats only, or mostly, very unhealthy food.
- Last night I was really hungry and I invented deep fried bacon-wrapped donut sandwich.
- You are such a junkivore!

- Honey, if you go groceries, don't forget bacon, fries, sugar, soda, donuts, chips, doritos and ice cream.
- If you keep this junkivore diet, you'll be dead before you hit 60.

- So, how are things with that guy you met online?
- Really bad, he's a junkivore.

- Ewwww I must taste terrible!
by Kitsunegari December 11, 2010
An allegedly real thing kids these days do to get drunk very quickly.

Butt chugging really needs no explanation, because it is exactly what it sounds like: A person ingests alcohol from an orifice that is not the mouth, which allows the alcohol to bypass the liver’s filtering and metabolic processes so that the ethanol drains straight into the bloodstream.

It’s supposed to be an intense and near-instant buzz.
Did you hear about that kid who died of alcohol poisoning after butt chugging at the frat party last night?
by kitsunegari March 22, 2013

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