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A hoe down is an action that can either be a ho (hoe) falling or the folk dance of western hillbilies. usualy dances in a square or an unorganized mob of people.
1)That there hoe down was sure fun Billy Joe. (<--hilbily talk)

2)The gun went off and then there was a hoe down, she landed right on her face.
by kitkat^_- May 11, 2006
Usually found in suberban areas and public or private schools. Listens to bands such as "My Chemical Romance","Green Day","Dashbord Confessionals" ect...
Can usualy be located alone or in groups of 3 in certain locations such as the school cafeteria or some their own bed room. Most war a black hoodie jacket, black shirts with the name of his/her favorite band and a pair of jeans and skater shoes such as VANS or "chucks". Emo males tend to wear eyeliner and have hair that is long enough to go over one of their eyes and still be half assed spiked and he usualy tends to have more mood swings than an emo girl even when the emo girl is on her period. The Female Emo child tends to have short hair that goes to the shoulders or just enought to cover her ears (sometimes shorter) and usualy has the bangs longer than the rest of her hair and flat ironed to wrap around one side of her face. Emo children tend to be bisexual both males and females. An emo child will usualy spell out their wors or scren names LikE ThIs or l1k3 t.h.i.s. and put x's around their name xX. like so .Xx
Emo boys tend to be called faggots or dumbasses and emo girls tend to be known as dumb bitches or "that one loser chick". Some Emo children tend to draw or make up their own lame songs that are usualy acompanied by some kind of gay ass acoustic guitar riff that is rythemless and out of tune. If an emo child doesn't have the talent for either of these then he/she usualy turns to self mutalation such as slitting his/her wrist with a sharp object or just injuring themselves somehow.
That emo child needs to get a life.
by kitkat^_- May 10, 2006
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