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a Scene Kid is someone who listens so 'emo', only the bands that are the most 'scene' at the time, though. a scene kid also loves the colour black, and often adds bright(neon) colours to their outfit, such as neon pink, neon green, etc. they often think that being depressed is 'scene' and may just get them scene points(bonus if you cut!). bandanas are also very scene(worn on the wrist or neck, often covering the face for photos)(scene points galour!). scene kids typically have thier hair died black, with a chunch of another color in it(blonde chuncks are SO scene right now.(extra points if its your bangs only!)). also to make you much more scene, wear alot of bracelets, necklaces(of bright colours, mardi gras beads?), a belt to the side(checkered?), tight, tapered, black pants(boys), band t-shirts, that are WAY TO TIGHT!, eyeliner(boys and girls), converse are a MUST!(extra points for 'scene' band memebers autographs!), wear your hair covering one eye, and dont forget those wonderful scars on your wrists(BONUS!). ALWAYS have the most depressing son lyrics in your msn/aim nic name. or as captions for your photos on myspace(bonus if that picture is of you with a gun, knife, or bandana covering half your face.
Becky is so scene, she can afford to buy all the expensive clothes, but she buys things from the salvation army. her converse are so definatly second hand!(scene points!)her hair is black, but she has a GIANT blonde chunch, and her hair is always covering her left eye. she listens to Panic! at the disco, Fall Out Boy, Bleed the Dream, underOATH, atreyu, coheed and cambria, etc. she ALWAYS has a black bandana and bracelets on her wrists to 'cover' her scars. she SUCH a Scene Kid.
by kirsss November 15, 2005

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