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n. Beginers language designed to look new without being different. Think BASIC with curly braces.

n. psudo language thats syntax is simular to actual programming languages.

n. Lanugage designed by Microsoft as an answer to Java. Primary problem was that Microsoft forgot the question. Used to avoid paying licensing fees to a competitor, Sun.
My 3GHz dual Xeon can run C# "Hello, World!" in under 4 minutes!!!
by kirk December 19, 2003
Sorry, the above definition is a little off. Actually, make that 999 billion off. A trillion is ten to the TWELFTH power (1,000,000,000,000). Ten to the ninth power is one billion.
Please make that note.
by Kirk November 09, 2004
It is a term made up as recently as 30 years. They used to be called geordies like the rest of us in the North east. But we seperated down to the tension over ship building contracts. Now the term Mackem means a person from the wear in Sunderland. The north east noted that they say makem and they takem instead of we make them and they take them, which is unique in Sunderland. So it stuck.
Now they have accepted it, they must not moan, and they must live with it.

So a mackem is a deluded person who lives in a different world, who hates geordie outsiders from Washington, Tyneside and the rest of the north east.
They come from the ship yards.
They have rubbish football team.
They also brag about past victories over Newcastle, it has been a few years since they beat them but they still go on about 2-1.
They also have the three letters that they tattoo on themselves and show people in their clubs around Sunderland.
The letters are FTM. They think it mean F$%% the mags. But it really means Free ticket mackems. As it is well known that they try to get kids with free tickets.
Where do they makem them free tickets bob?
by Kirk November 19, 2003
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