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cock sucking
Dude, that guys a pole smoking faggot.
by kirby April 21, 2004
(n.) Euphoric and sometimes hallucinogenic feeling induced by the ingestion of excessive amounts of the drug DXM in the form of Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough syrup
This robo-trip is ridiculous; let's down another bottle and get even more fucked up.
by Kirby July 30, 2003
acronym for sucks to be you
joe> I'm feeling sick
jeff> s2bu
by kirby March 18, 2005
1 : Method of shaping wire so water drips off, instead of funneling directly into the connection. 2 : A stupid/useless apprentice.
I told that drip-loop to put in a drip-loop, but he ran the wire straight into the connection.
by Kirby June 11, 2003
a word that can be used for anything
When was the civil war?
Uh bajeebers?
Kick him in the bajeebers please

What the bajeebers

I like bajeebers

Please define incumbent

You are such a bajeeber
by kirby June 09, 2004
not doing something right.
man that nigga fadanglin
by KIRBY November 20, 2003
to give someone a dirty look
That nigga wuz shooin me units afta he seen me wit his ex-girl.
by Kirby August 10, 2004

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