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A social-life-threatening condition found in most of the female population and a few gay guys. Diagnosed as an illness that puts one into a frantic craze at the sight, thought, or mentioning of Justin Bieber. Side effects vary depending on sex. In girls, side effects may include uncontrollable sqealing, screaming or thoughts of pleasure. In guys...well, we would rather not picture such an atrocity. This condition is a major turnoff for guys and makes real musicians sick.
Derek: "Dude, my girlfriend never stops talking about that damn Bieber kid. What do I do?"

Mike: "DUMP THAT SHIT! That's nothing but bad news man. Who knows, she could have Bieberitis! That's almost as bad as having to put up with a broad on her period 24/7."

Lil' Wayne: "Hey guys, can I have some cough syrup? Young weezy needs his fix."

Mike: "No man, we gotta save some for Derek's girlfriend so we can knock her out before he loses his mind."

Lil' Wayne: "Damn you, Bieberitis! Just wait until you get down here to my crib, you lil' punk that looks like a chick. I'll shove my pistol up yo ass, if one even exists on your undeveloped body."
by kingofstrings92 May 26, 2011

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