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either to run like hell to avoid a dangerous situation or from the cops... or to escape getting your ass kicked instead of fighting
1. I had to run like a bitch and jump the fence to avoid the cops!

2. Dude, instead of standing up for yourself, you ran like a bitch, now that fucker "owns" you!
by KingMidas July 10, 2008
"Obamaized" is a take-off of being 'posterized'

-the result of a person being taken advantage of by being led on by false advertising, bullshit promises and/or lies by a corrupt person, leader, deviant, salesman or asshole and the embarassment that ensues...
"Hey man, why do you have that gun to your head?"

"I'm going to kill myself. I can't believe I fell for that motherfuckers bullshit...I can't go on living with everyone in the office knowing it was me."

"Dude, you just got Obamaized, it's embarassing as fuck, but life goes on."

by KingMidas October 11, 2011
A relatively new form of douchebaggish behavior (sometimes, a complete lifestyle) where usually well off teens ignore the fact that they can be an individual without having to look stupid to get attention. The "look" can involve multi colored scarfs which don't match a damn other article of clothing worn, even leg warmers have been seen, multiple piercing's seem to be a must, the ever enlarging earlobe hoops which can get so big you can stick an erect penis in them, dyed hair of any color, and once again, it won't even match the scarf, and it's only part or parts of the hair, usually the front or top. Then the hair is cut in different ways, almost always it is combed to an angle across the face, sometimes covering an eye. Goofy glasses, men with makeup, women without, lots of black outfits, wristbands that actually may match the scarf, but seriously doubt it.
Kid to parent- "hey, look at that person with the green hair, and why are they wearing winter clothes, it's July?"

Parent to kid- "Remember when you asked me what emo was?"
by kingmidas April 16, 2008
doing something out of the norm to make people notice you. sometimes, tacky fake jewelry, fucked up hair due's or goofy fucking clothes you don't see many people wear are a good indication of this.
See that group who stands out in a loud obnoxious way?


Scene kids...
by kingmidas November 25, 2008
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