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When some one tries to roll a blunt and cant roll blunts. The term asain eye refers to the end of the blunt being smashed or squinted like an asains eye. Asain eyes arent dificult to smoke they are just stupid looking.
John: okay I rolled it
James: WTF is this you rolled a straight up asain eye
John: wtf is that
by kingBlacken.ps.ty October 13, 2010
a word that makes no sense but is considered racist, mainly due to 90% of the human population being retarted.
alien: wtf does nigger mean.

black person: die muther fucker

alien: *dead from gunshot wound*
pathetic pussy liberals: he deserves a fair trail
by kingblacken.ps.ty October 03, 2010
Fairly tales and fantasies from the time of when man didnt know where the sun went when it went behind the mountain. Religion makes no sense to anyone but strangley is defended by most people, the christians being the most brutal.
Child: I like watchin stupid cartoon child movies
Father: Thats assnine grow up and believe in an adult fairy tale, jesus and Religion.
Atheists: Blah Blah Blah were retarded white supremacists
Random hobo: Jesus is fake
Christians: lets get are panties in a bunch and act like idiots because he thinks differently
by kingBlacken.ps.ty October 06, 2010

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