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1. Used to describe rare or uncommon items, methods, or techniques that result in simplifying or improving any given experience. Essentially, a shortened version of 'shortcut'

2. An area, generally near or within a public location, where a person or a group of people can go to undertake activites in relative privacy.
Item: "Dude, my new cell phone is cuts."
Method: "Taking the sidestreets is only cuts during rush hour."
Technique: "Your joints are ugly cause you don't know cuts."

Area: "Go around to the back. It isn't cuts to do that here"
by kilogrammar August 13, 2006
A term used to mock a person that appears awkward in attempting to follow a particular trend. Similar to "poser", but mainly used in reference to urban trends or fashions.
"Damn, there were so many krill dills at the party last night. Some guy was showing off his Kanye West CD, talking 'bout how original the samples are."
by kilogrammar August 13, 2006

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