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3 definitions by killernoodle

The root word of Veg meaning to loaf or to relax. Normally, vegetating denotes more activity than just sitting around.
So what are you doing today?
Nothing but a little vegetating.
by killernoodle August 11, 2004
80's pop star re-popularized by chapelle's show. He died August 6, 2004 of natural causes probably stemming for excessive use of drugs during his career.
I'm Rick James, bitch!

RIP Rick James
by killernoodle August 11, 2004
An image common on the internet of a mentally handicapped individual participating in the special olympics. He is also commonly seen photochopped into various other 0wned pictures.
Hey, have you seen that picture of the Running Tard? It is teh funnay!
by killernoodle August 11, 2004