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Dave Barz is a succsessful Hip-Hop artist / Rapper from Bridgeport Connecticut, he has collaborated with many other succsesfull artists such as K.Sparks, Nyce Da Future, Nikelous F, etc etc. He has released many albums over the past 10 years and has been featured on thousands of mixtapes accross the united states as well as overseas, he was featured in Rap Fanatic Magazine with a full page and article as well as a promo spot. Dave Barz is signed to Double Up Entertainment and is one to look out for.
Dave Barz did a song with Nyce Da Future who is signed to G-Unit Record and his lablemate K.Sparks has collaborated with Kid Cudi.

Dave Barz is one of the best Hip-Hop artists in the state of connecticut
#dave barz #double up entertainment #k.sparks #connecticut #rap fanatic magazine
by killahkevSOUTHEND August 17, 2010
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