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A small, boring town in the north-east of Scotland that no one has ever heard of appart from a few people who have been to Inverness or Elgin. There's a big park, lots of houses and a small high street. That's about it.
Person 1: where are you from?

Person 2: Forres

Person 1: the forrest?

Person 2: no, i said Forres

Person 1: never heard of it
by kiki maleki October 08, 2011
a baker or pastry chef that masturbates
bob: wow, that guy is masturbating into a donut

cindy lou: he must be a master baker

bob: masturbater?

cindy lou: no, a master baker

llama: baaa!!!
by kiki maleki October 08, 2011
pah ha ha is a sort of sarcastic laugh. can be used in almost any situation and sounds better than ha ha ha.
koala: your so beautiful

frog: pah ha ha! you must be joking!
by kiki maleki October 08, 2011
An amazing, ginger, pretzel loving, fattie who i love more than anything in the world <3


lama: baaa!!!
by kiki maleki October 08, 2011

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