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This Insecure Bro is a common commonly found within collegiate communities. They are between the ages of 18-23 and typically share the following hobbies with fellow bro fags: their passion for natural light, beer pong, crew cuts, pick up basketball, nike shoes, flip-flops, rap, hating, checking out other dudes to self assure their manhood, cheese dick pick-up lines and cheese dick humor... Bro Fags have no creativity and style. These people are not Individuals. They flock together with their Fag Posse. They typically pursue degree's in business, accounting, and management. The Bro Fag is a classic wigger/bro stereotype. If they see a black person at a party, they treat them like they would enjoy sucking the dude's penis while fucking with his jollies. However, the Bro Fag will immediately bash on the black dude's race when he is alone with other bro fags. *The Bro Fag is not fully 100% secure with his sexuality so he calls other dudes fags and gay to prove that he is not a secretly a homosexual*. BRO FAGS ARE TOOLS FOR MASS MEDIA & DOMINANT CULTURES! IF POP CULTURE CHANGES, SO DO THEY!!! YOU FUCKING CHEESE DICK FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!
"Did that insecure Bro Fag just check me out and then call ME a fag for no reason? Man, that guy must be still confused about his sexuality... I'm really grateful I don't have issues like that."
- Any normal human being
by kidcudiSAVEScleveland October 14, 2010

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