11 definitions by kid chameleon

When a car is parked in a haphazard fashion (out of the lines, up on the curb etc). Looks like the driver has left their car like that because they've had to exit the vehicle in a hurry to rush off and quickly get on with something that isn't parking.
Did you see the way Sean parked his Jeep? What a bloody bank job that was!
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
Little known New Zealand superlative - a combination of 'awesome' and 'wicked'
I love hanging out with that chick Chelsea... she's so aweswick!
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
The fluid a Smurf produces when he achieves orgasm
Man, that Smurfette is so fine, I think I'm gonna smoof in my little white pants!
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
verb - to punch somebody in the face
"He spilled my pint, so I snotted him"
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
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