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When you take a test tube of mercury and pour it in the female's vagina and fuck her nonstop until your cum mixes with the mercury making a glittering milky silver-toned substance
As I sprayed my cum, the final ingredient to the mixture, I slapped the bitch and she yelled SILVER DRAGON!
by kickstop January 31, 2005
1.)noun-One who masturbates using only his forefinger and thumb.

2.)noun-A clamp in which is place at the base of the penis in order to cut off ejaculation.
1.) Alan is a very kind person, but nonetheless he is a penis pincher.

2.) I carefully worked on my penis pincher along with a condom to have maximum protection against pregnancy.
by kickstop February 01, 2005
The phrase that Chongara yells whenever he summons one of his summons from his pot to come out and rape you.
When you hear dedigoi dedigoi scuiah....all is lost...
by kickstop February 01, 2005
The fatass, arabian, pedophile from the game Arc the Lad. He summons sexual mosters from his pot to do his bidding. If they don't get you...he will.
Quick, we must hide! Chongaras around the bend!
by kickstop February 01, 2005
You take a mixture of urine, snot, and enamel fluid from tubgirl's asshole and you use it as lubricant for fucking pleasures. The yellow dragon is not as dangerous at the others, but goddamn does it smell.
As I inserted my yellow dragonified penis into her anus, chunks of who knows what flew everywhere, bathing us both in a brown and yellow shower of glory.
by kickstop February 01, 2005

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