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Subversive is a newly coined term for emergeing youth that express themslves artistically through blending whats Socially Taboo/Underground and what is Mainstrem.

They also break free of any label they recive by what is oppisite to that particular label;

ie: If they like Death Metal they will listen to EuroPop and wear bright colours

Often mistaken for being Goths, Emos or whatever else is currently trendy. Subversives seek out the most extreme in cinema and music.

They dress in whatever they want. But some of the girls like to dress in perky-goth/pink attire. They are often labeled as Angsty, Psycho or Homicidal. However they are very well aware of the difference between shock-vaule art and real life.

Music typically consists of: Europop, Death metal, 70s/80s post-punk or goth rock, avant-garde
Emoboy1: Look at her, she's wearing pink!
Emoboy2: She sure is cute though, i'm gonna ask her out

Emoboy2 walks over to a Subversive girl, and sees that her school book is covered with pictures of murder porn and decayed corpses.

Emoboy2 runs away

Teacher to Subversive girl: I'm sorry but this is unacceptable.

Chavs: Oiii its a psycho braz!

Subversive girl: I have a right to artistic expression and freedom.
by ki$$-0f-De@+h June 03, 2007

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