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An alternative method to express laughter, chuckling, side-splitting humor, or hilarity while instant messaging. This method was developed for internets users who feel a tad bit uncomfortable laughing at a joke while chatting by using the time tested "lol," "hehehe," or "hahaha."

Desaint can also be used with maughter (math + laughter) to more efficiently express your cyber-gaiety, by using this formula:

1 Desaint = 3 ha!
desaint = hahaha! (NOTE: the exclamation point is implied while using the desaint method, so one not need add one to cyber emphasize.

To express more than 3 ha's, you may place a modifier in front of your Desaint like so:

6 Desaint = 18 ha! (hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha!)
Ryan: Hey Kevin, what do you call cheese that's not yours?
Kevin: Seriously Ryan, I have no idea. What?
Ryan: Nacho Cheese!
Kevin: desaint desaint (this is equal to: hahaha hahaha!)
Ryan: 3 desaint (this is equal to: hahaha hahaha hahaha!)
by kfav January 15, 2007

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