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The element in the periodic table with the atomic number 169. Fucknium has an atomic mass of 200.531. Its abreviation is Fu. At room temperature, Fucknium is in a gas state and has a strong scent and taste.
After last night, the atmosphere in Jim's bedroom contained carbon dioxide, oxygen, and fucknium.
by key firearm mustang December 01, 2009
An energy shielding technology that resists a puppy collision and rebounds it in the opposite direction. This shielding is only affected by puppies, when they reach adulthood, and become dogs, they are no longer rebounded off of the energy surface. Upon collison, the intel theme song is heard and the shielding glows white-blue then fades. The technology was created around 2007 and first tested in the basement of dude #3 in the internet video, "Three dudes and a puppy."
dude#2: Oh no what if he fell into that hole!

dude#3: Oh that's not possible, it has Anti-puppy Technology.

Anti-Puppy hole: deeee, doo dee doo deeee..
by key firearm mustang May 11, 2011

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