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When someone jumps in on a joke or a piss-take and trys to add to it or take it over. Normally a sad person who has no life or the usual cunt who just needs attention that othwise he/she would go un-noticed.
1st person: Hey did you hear the one about...etc,etc

Sad lonely cunt: Haha yeh ive heard this (then trys to take over joke or adds to it.

1st person: Oh great, a Joke Jacker, what a cunt
by kevtucks January 29, 2009
Someone who makes up bullshit stories and tells them to people saying " Its a secret, dont tell anyone " often refered to as a cunt.
1st person: Hey Guess what i've heard, but you cant tell anyone "

2nd person: (thinks to himself) oh, here we go, another secret bullshit, stupid secret bullshitter, what a cunt!
by kevtucks January 29, 2009
After a good nose picking session, the feeling of a booger still being present in the nose cavity.
1st person: Look at that dude,he's been picking his nose for over 20 minutes,dirty cunt.

2nd person: Yeh i know, must be a phantom booger i guess.
by kevtucks January 29, 2009
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