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1. n. A woman that looks as though she has been ravaged by years at sea.

2. a. Having little or negative attractive value. Usually a woman.
No boys like Sally. She's a real sea hag.
by kevinem April 20, 2005
a. A female buttocks which is so outrageously badonkadonk in nature that it is ridonculous. Hence ridonkadonk.
"Damn, that girl gotta ridonkadonk butt."
by kevinem April 20, 2005
1. n. A woman of questionable nature (see slut) with four penetrable orifices.

2. a. A ho-bag to the extreme
"I'm bored."
"Hey, let's go find a four holed slut!"
"Yah! Alright!"

"That Sally is quite the four holed slut."
by kevinem April 20, 2005

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