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this is the grand finale. when you're about to ejaculate, shoot your cum or baby gravy into the back of a floor fan with your girl standing right in front. watch as the jizz blizzard that follows covers her whole body and makes her a sticky mess. dry cleaning may be necessary.
"My girl fell to the ground and tried to make a snow angel in the jizz blizzard that fell upon her..."
by KevinCA$H August 03, 2006
after making a boston pancake on your loverz chest, send her outside to lay in the sun for about an hour. hence a boston fudge pie is formed...
"therez nothin i love more than a slice of boston fudge pie for dessert..."
by KevinCA$H August 04, 2006
similar to the dirty sanchez, only the female must first ask to be forgiven for all her sinz. after pounding her anus unmercifully, the male then procedes to bless her by painting a chocolate cross on her forehead with his fudge covered johnson. traditionally done on sunday mornings.
"After her dirty confessional, Kimmy couldnt poo right for a week, and she had an undeniable craving for pudding popz."
by KevinCA$H August 03, 2006
named in honor of the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar, this is one of the trickiest cumshots known to man. similar to the dirty ray allen, the male must perform an anal massacre on the female until which point he is about to cum. at this point, he must lay her flat on her back and procede to shoot his hot load in a sidewayz manner from a standing profiled position. in essence a "sky hook shot" is resembled, and when performed correctly the baby gravy should find itself glued to the femalez face. most effective when performed after a long period of abstinence. bonus points are rewarded for any dirty jabbar performed with a shot over top of one's shoulder...
"this bitch was hurtin for a squirtin, so i took it to her hole and finished her off wit a beatiful Dirty Jabbar..."
by KevinCA$H August 04, 2006
this is when a gimp is confined for so long he procedes to leave a "fudge mountain" of fecal matter in the very place he was being contained. prolonged exposure to this environment may lead the gimp to have a permanent fudge trail down his backside detering any further attempts to sodomize the victim. his presence might then become sickening to his captors leading to his ultimate release...
"That is the biggest god damn Fudge Mountain ive ever seen Maynard!!!"
"I'm not goin near that Fudge Mountain Zed!!!"
by KevinCA$H August 03, 2006
after the act of giving his homosexual lover the infamous blumpkin, the gay male then procedes to dive headfirst into the toilet as if he were bobbing for apples. only after consuming all the turdz can he be called "peter peter blumpkin eater".
"Peter Peter Blumpkin Eater had a gay lover who loved to feed him!!!"
by KevinCA$H August 03, 2006
slang term for a womanz pooper, cornhole, anal cavity, hershey highway, you get the idea...
"You ever heard of the Panama Canal??? Well she had a Fudge Canal that put it to shame..."
by KevinCA$H August 05, 2006

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